Friday, 8 November 2013

Chapter-2 : Title Tag Optimization

Title Tag is the content that lies between <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags. Title is shown on top of browser when that title uploaded. Title is the most essential to part of a website page which portray that what is page about for. Title tag help you to get more visibility in search results. Your desired keyword should be used within your page title to get ranking quickly.

All search engines firstly finds a title of any website or webpage whenever any search is performed. The Following point should be remember whenever optimizing Title :
  •     Title should be around approx, 55 Character(with space).
  •     Do not use break words like a , or ; etc. within Title.
  •     Use unique Title for every page and post.
  •     Use your keywords with in Title Tag.


Chapter-1 : Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is very first step in search engine optimization and it is very important for effective SEO. Keyword analysis is the process of finding right keywords for that you want ranking for your website. Selection of right keyword is also bringing success to your website. The keyword should be effective that will maximize the targets traffic.

Tools used for Keyword Analysis

For choosing right keyword in order to keywords competition and searches , We can use Keyword analytic tools which are providing us competition and searches of a specific keyword. There are many keywords analytics tools which can be used for keyword analysis. But I would prefer Google Keywords Planner for a better response. It will provide you location-wise keyword competitions and its monthly local and global searches.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

"Image MisMatch" - Google's New Manual Penalty

Google announce another manual action that you have to be conscious of named "Image MisMatch." This manual action will be in action when Your website is showing a different image than the image indexed in search results. This is another form of clocking that you are showing a different image to search engine and another different image to the user on same image location.

This Manual action will only affect that part of your website which will have these type of Image Mismatch. A screenshot of manual action for Image Mismatch is showing below which will be available in Manual Action tab of webmaster tool, if your website have affected with same penalty.

Google has a help document on this manual action and it stats that:

Recommended action

  • Make sure that your site displays exactly the same images to users whether viewed directly on your site on within Google image search results. This behavior may be caused by “anti-hotlinking” tools. This may require looking through your site’s code on the server.
  • Once you’re sure your site’s images are exactly the same when viewed directly on your site and in Google’s search results, request reconsideration of your site.


Friday, 25 October 2013

Why PageRank is Not Updated from Last 8 Months : Answered by Matt Cutts

Normally Google updates its pagerank algorithm after every 3 months but what happened now with Google Page Rank , There is no PageRank update from last 8 months. Last Google Pagerank update was rolled out on 4 February 2013. "Why PageRank is Not Updated from Last 8 Months " This question becomes viral on search engines and people spreads differnet myths like PageRank is Dead Now, SEO is Dead and many more in the influence of no pagerank update.

But now this question has been answered by Matt Cutts, Web spam head at Google. Matt Cutts answered this at Pubcon by saying that the Pipeline which export Pagerank data quarterly has been broken and that was the reason for no PageRank updates from last 8 months. Matt Cutts also says that Google has no plan to fix it immediately , so there will be no pagerank update in this year. The Next Gogole Pagerank algorithm may be updated in 2014.

Matt Cutts also deliver some intentions of future of SEO and search rankings . For more from Matt Cutts talk at Pubcon Click Highlights of Matt Cutts Talk at Pubcon.


Highlights of Matt Cutts Talk at Pubcon

Today I am going to discuss the most recent Matt Cutts talk at Pubcon on 23 October 2013. In year ended talk have left numerous brain scrolling news about Google rankings in future. Matt Cutts clearly indicates that they will proceed ambush on web spams to accumulate more quality in search rankings. In last few months there are numerous Google upgrades took off and these updates seems to be continue in 2014. Here I am going to impart a few highlights of Pubcon talk for SEO in future:

Child Porns
Google is going to block child pornography in all nations as well as US.

PageRank Pipeline
The most discussed question in this year is that when will Google update Pagerank. And here matt cutts revels that there is Pipeline to export pagerank has been broken and Google has no intentions to fixed it in this year.

Mobile SEO
Matt Cutts says that Mobile will be keynote in 2014 and might as well give careful consideration to it.

Auto-complete Forms
Google is going to add a request auto-complete to forms.

Top Ad algorithm
Top Ad algorithm will be updated.

Reduction of Authorship
Google will now filter authorship for rich snippet, May be some reductions in poor authorship.

Black Hat Hacks
Google's web spam team will focus on black hat hackings to remove spam that impact search results.  

Thursday, 24 October 2013

How To Submit Your Website To Google News

Adding your Website to Google News can help carry extra presentation to your website if sanction by Google's News group on audit. Any individual can submit their net site to Google for consideration in Google News; however, there's certain sorts of criteria you should meet for Google to acknowledge your submission. Notwithstanding evaluating your net site for unique content, Google will search for the recurrence of which you distribute content, survey the configuration & layout of your net site for professionalism, & look for learning about the authors who help substance to your net site, around a few other key variables.

Steps for getting website in Google News

Get an extraordinary Content Management Service (CMS) like WordPress. Its free, it is prominent and it permits news suppliers to alter, time-stamp and include new content with negligible work. For the individuals who don't get on with it, administrations like Joomia, Drupal or Movable Type are perfect alternatives.

Don't be enticed by shoddy net site hosting administrations. The exact opposite thing a juvenile news supplier needs is a host that inverts when a couple of thousand clickers join on a fresh out of the plastic new story. WordPress records a few exceptionally legitimate hosts.

Proper URL Structure
For portions, check our characteristic publication, What to do before you set up a news nourish. In short, don't post new content onto a nonexclusive news page with the same URL. Each story must have its own particular special Url, with a novel three-digit one of a kind identifier number.

Top Notch content in Stories
For publication success there's journalistic decides to take after that go past the necessities of perfect spelling & syntax. At Pure content, they have a group of expert news scholars who do this each day & can create top notch content for news suppliers.

Keep Google in Mind
Don't be timid about anticipating a multi-auhtor face to Google, regardless of the fact that there is real copyist tapping out the substance (or an organization like Purecontent). Google likes multi author, so give them. Give every post an alternate Author name. Use tags for any news article, & receive the propensity of date stamping (a superb CMS like WordPress will immediately post prewritten new content at the endorsed time each day).

Build back-catalogue
Google will require a back-catalogue of each day news things extending over months. In the case, that you don't have this you will begin posting articles yourself, or on the other hand get Purecontents expert essayists to do it for you.

Submit URL to Google news
On the Google Contacting support page, select the Suggest news content for Google News interface underneath the Email us title, then fill in the top level domain just in the following page to include the news site URL. After that, fill in the remnant of the structure, incorporating the news URL. Supply a few authors names, regardless of the possibility that there is in purpose of this fact.

Wait for Approval
After submission, Google sends a message, welcoming the potential news supplier to confirm that the site meets Google's requirements. After that, it is an inquiry of holding up Google takes around a month to return with an acceptance or a rejection.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Country-wise Domains List for Google

Now the word 'Google' is just seems to be synonyms of 'Internet'. You know Google has covered more than 90% of the share market worldwide and by this percentage of share market , You can imagine how vast this company is. Here I am going to show you list of those countries where Google is available for users (Almost all countries where Internet is available) and their perspective domain names of Google.